C.W. CHAPMAN, P.Eng. | Email C.W. Chapman

Mr. Chapman is a professional engineer with greater than 50 years of broad experience in the oil and gas industry, including staff and management positions with major and minor producers and consulting firms.  Since 1985 Mr. Chapman has been president of Chapman Petroleum Engineering Ltd., overseeing all of the diversified services of the company, domestically and internationally.

Mr. Chapman is a founder and Co-Chairman of Chapman Petro Consulting incorporated in Kazakhstan, in which Chapman Hydrogen and Petroleum Engineering Ltd. holds a 50% ownership.


Mr. Chapman served a three-year term on the Oil and Gas Committee (OGC) of the Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board as part of a five-participant committee, during which time the committee organized, coordinated and presided over a hearing and resolved an issue involving a major offshore project.


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Chapman Denis Briere

DENIS BRIERE, B.Sc., P.Eng. | Email Denis Briere
Vice President - Engineering

J. Denis Briere, P.Eng. has 43 years of industry experience in petroleum engineering consulting and facilitating technology transfer. Denis has extensive petrophysical consulting and software development background, which includes consulting on the initial phases of developing the world's first hydrogen well discovery in Mali, managing the Schlumberger learning center, managing a Canadian-Hungarian well log analysis joint venture and creating a logging company in Cuba by merging Canadian and Russian technology. Denis is one of the leading petrophysicists in the industry, worldwide. Additionally Denis has consulted on location in Peru and was Chapman's representative in Kazakhstan helping to launch that consulting joint venture. He has experience providing training in English, French and Spanish.

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Chapman Denis Briere

KHALED (KAL) A. LATIF, P.Geol. | Email Kal Latif
Vice President - Geoscience

A Geoscientist with over forty years of international and domestic oil and gas industry experience, he has worked on various geological basins in Canada, UK, Norway, Denmark, Africa, Middle East, Central and SE Asia, Australia, India, Pakistan, and Brazil. Kal has a proven track record on the exploration front; play fairway, basin analysis and prospects’ evaluation, combined with solid hands-on experience in fields’ development and optimization.  Kal is skillful in both conventional and unconventional resources assessment. His areas of expertise include due diligence, petroleum system analysis, structural geology, sequence stratigraphy, petrophysical evaluation, offshore operations, reserves’ estimate, risk assessment and mitigation, in addition to the in-depth hands-on renewable energy front, specifically the Hydrogen energy and Carbon Capture Storage (CCS).

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WEI G. WANG, P.Eng., CPA, CGA, MBA, M.A., B.Sc. | Email Wei Wang

Manager - Evaluations

Wei Wang has been with Chapman since September 2007. He has over 30 years of experience in various industries, including Oil & Gas, Chemical R&D, Marketing, Cost Controls, Finance, Accounting and Senior Management. He has worked at public and private oil companies in China and Canada. He has conducted studies involving reservoir and financial modeling for properties in China, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, and the U.S.A.


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Wei Wang

KONSTANTIN ZAITSEV, C.Tech. | Email Konstantin Zaitsev

Oil & Gas Reserves Evaluator

Certified Technician working in the industry since 2006.  He is responsible for reserve and resource evaluations.  He has an educational background in engineering (Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, Kazakhstan) and technologies (Bachelor of Applied Petroleum Technology Engineering, Alberta).  Konstantin is a member of the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta.

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Konstantin Zaitsev

REBECCA HOWE, B.Sc., CPG | Email Rebecca Howe


Graduated in 2007 from Brandon University, Manitoba. Rebecca is member of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists and a Certified Petroleum Geologist as recognized by the Division of Professional Affairs of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

Rebecca Howe

KLORINDA KACI, B.Sc. | Email Klorinda Kaci
Economics Coordinator/Technical Assistant

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with extensive experience in Oil and Gas Industry. Completed the Bachelor of Applied Petroleum Engineering Technology at Southern Alberta Institute Technology in Calgary. Klorinda has technical and financial management skills including budgeting, forecasting, and estimating. Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and CIM/ PETSOC (Petroleum Society of Canada).

Klorinda Kaci has been with Chapman Petroleum Engineering since January 2008 and is responsible for the economic evaluations, including cash flow, valuation, risk analysis and financial analysis, in upstream oil and gas operations and technical assistance for oil and gas reserves evaluation. She is also responsible for the accuracy and quality of economic analyses, develops and maintains
economic models and supports clients to optimize investment analysis, commercial contracts and acquisition/divestiture activities. She has more than 25 years of experience in various industries.

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Klorinda Kaci

ANN CHAPMAN | Email Ann Chapman

Corporate Secretary/Treasurer

Responsible for financial administration, HR management and benefits.


SVETLANA SIMEONS, B.Ed., M.A., C.T.| Email Svetlana Simeons

Office Manager/Accounts Payable/Graphic Coordinator/Translator/SysAdmin/Paralegal Support

Paralegal (2013, Canada), Master’s Degree in Linguistics with a major in Translation (2002, Russia), Bachelor of Education (1986, Russia), Associate Degree in Professional Translation (1999, Russia). She is responsible for translation of Chapman evaluation reports and other source texts into and from Russian and Ukrainian; is also involved with mapping and graphics prepared for the reports.


LYA LAMOUREUX | Email Lya Lamoureux
Reception/Accounts Receivable/

Report Coordinator

Lya Lamoureux