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Calgary, AB Canada T2R 1M1Chapman Petroleum Spacer

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C.W. Chapman, P.Eng.
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Vice President - Engineering
Denis Briere, P.Eng.
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Vice President - Geoscience
Harold Ryan, P.Geol.
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Senior Associate
Charles Moore, P.Eng.
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Engineering and Technical Staff
Konstantin Zaitsev, C.Tech.
Klorinda Kaci, T.T.
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Engineering and Technical Associates

Rebecca Howe

Wei Wang, M.Econ.

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Senior Engineer - Advisor
Bill Anderson, P.Eng.
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Office Manager/Graphics/Translation
Svetlana Simeons
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Reception/Report Coordination
Lya Lamoureux
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Administrative Assistant
Grace Teh
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Financial Administration
Ann Chapman
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General Inquiries General Email